What is a Monogram?

It's in our name – Threadwell Embroidery & Monogramming – but what exactly is a monogram, and how does it relate to embroidery?

A monogram is a symbolic representation of an identity. For this reason, it may fall into may the same category as a coat-of-arms, family seal, or logo, but a monogram is distinguished by its use of letters and glyphs. These letters may overlap to form a symbol that is visually interesting and original to its author.


• A monogram is not merely a font or wordmark, it must be of initials

• A monogram can be used as a logo, this often occurs in luxury branding

• A monogram with a symbol is often referred to as a "royal cipher"


Monograms date way back to classical Greek times. Further in time, when literature began to spread around the world during the Medieval period, people became much more fascinated with letters. Monograms became common amongst craftsmen during this time as a way to identify their products.

Now, the tradition of monogramming is still alive and well with modern embroidery techniques; there still is a high fascination with letters. At Threadwell we try to make every Monogram personalized to the customer's choosing, so that they are involved in the design of their products.



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