Custom Embroidery Monogram Hats for Corporate Events

One of the best aspects of being part of a corporate event is the freebies that guests receive for attending. Whether it is a team-building event, corporate retreat, conference, or seminar, choosing a giveaway item that is practical, memorable, and markets your company simultaneously is a great idea.

Custom embroidered hats allow you to give attendees an item they can keep for years, wear often, and in the process, bring awareness to your company’s mission and presence. With Threadwell’s customizable embroidered baseball caps, you can market your business with a quality, long-lasting item that serves multiple purposes.

Why Order Customized Embroidered Hats for Your Event?
There are several reasons to order customized embroidered hats for your corporate event.

  • As a fun giveaway to remember the event
  • To market a specific product, program, or service
  • To raise awareness about your brand
  • As a prize for a select group of attendees

No matter if your corporate event is in celebration of a company milestone, an appreciation event, or a product launch, embroidered hats are a great option to include in your giveaway package.

Benefits of Embroidered Hats for Corporate Events
There are several perks to ordering custom embroidered monogram hats for your corporate event. When choosing an item to give to attendees, you could go with a simple pen or keychain, but an embroidered hat is a unique item that brings its own benefits like being functional and providing your company with free marketing.

  • Free Marketing

Embroidered hats provide free marketing and brand awareness to your company or business. Every time an attendee wears the cap, they are a walking advertisement for your business’ services or product. You can choose to put your brand’s logo on the hat or follow the “monogram everything” trend and choose a unique monogram style that uses your company’s initials for a stylish hat.

  • Long-Lasting

Embroidered baseball hats are a great choice because they are durable and last for years. Hats are an item that your attendees can wear for many years, possibly even decades after the event. It is an item that can be kept as a keepsake or worn, but either way, it can be used for an extended time in different situations.

  • High Quality

Hats with an embroidery monogram are high-quality items, which speak well of your business. Cheap giveaway items look unprofessional and can give the wrong impression of your company. With a hand-embroidered baseball hat, your organization is associated with quality, craftsmanship, and reliability.

  • Personalized

Embroidered hats speak to a sense of personalization rather than corporate coldness and depersonalization. They give the impression that your company takes the time and effort to provide employees and partners personalized items to the company’s tastes or, in the case of employee-specific monogram prizes, an actual personalized item.

  • Functional

Embroidered hats are functional, useful giveaway items. They can be worn as a fashion item or to keep the sun out of one’s eyes. They are purposeful rather than decorative, and most people enjoy having an extra hat around to choose from when they go out to play golf, hang out on the beach, or just go for a walk around the neighborhood.

Considerations for Corporate Events
If you are in charge of planning the giveaways for corporate events for your company, there are a few things to consider when it comes to choosing the right design for your hats, including the base color, the design style elements, such as thread colors, and what actual design to use on the hats.

  • Hat Colors

For your base hat color, think about your purpose, brand, and target audience. Choose a base color that matches your brand colors and that your attendees will want to wear. Ideally, the receivers will wear the hats more often than not, so pick a color that most people will want to wear out of the house on a casual day. Threadwell offers navy, black, white, and pink base colors for their customized embroidered hats.

  • Monogram, Initial, or Logo

Next, you’ll decide what to put on the hats for the corporate event. At Threadwell we offer a wide selection of monogram styles if you go the monogram route, but we also offer various fonts to choose from for customized messages.

Additionally, if you want to create a personalized monogram for specific attendees, as an award for a corporate competition or performance recognition, you can choose to monogram the individual’s initials or opt for their first initial only on a hat.

If you would like to include your company’s logo, Threadwell’s “bring your own” service includes a process for digitization of the logo so we can embroider it onto the hats.

  • Design Aspects

Design aspects of the hat include thread colors, type settings, and monogram layout. Threadwell has a variety of monogram, initial, and single-initial design options to choose from. We also have a huge selection of thread colors available. You can select whichever colors match your brand’s existing design scheme, so the hats promote your brand wherever the wearer goes.

Our team enjoys getting creative with designs, so feel free to discuss thread color ideas, monogram layouts with your corporation’s initials, or any other design aspects so that you can create a great customized hat for your corporate event.

Customized Corporate Event Hats
If you are looking for the perfect item to giveaway at a corporate event, a customized embroidered hat is a great choice. Threadwell is a hand-embroidery business that creates high-quality, unique embroidered designs that work perfectly on baseball hats for corporate events.

Contact our team today to get started on a design that will grow your brand awareness and make an excellent functional giveaway item.