Since You Asked...

Can anything be monogrammed?
Just about! We can monogram most items as long as they are fabric or other non-rigid material.

Do you monogram items that were not purchased from Threadwell?
We monogram nearly everything that we sell at the store. We also monogram items that you bring (or send) to us. Nothing makes a plain old item seem exciting more than a monogram. As we say, you can even bring towels from Target – we don’t judge!

How much does monogramming cost?
All items purchased from Threadwell include monogramming. Fees for items that you bring to us start at $18 per item for a standard monogram. We love an oversized monogram at Threadwell and can embroider as large as 12x16.

Threadwell BYO Prices <- click here to view prices and suggested sizes

How long does it take to have my order monogrammed
Orders take from 5 to 7 days. Extra time may be necessary for custom orders or for larger orders.

I’m not sure about the placement of the letters – what is proper?
Proper? Who needs proper! Traditionally, a monogram places the letters as first, last, middle with the last initial larger than the others. Initials can also be used and are placed first, middle, last. Monograms are traditionally used for a woman and initials for a man. While we respect tradition and try to follow the rules as much as possible, we love to change the rules around.

I have 4 initials – does this mean that I can’t have my towels monogrammed?
Four initials are easy! We just play around with the placement of the letters and make a monogram that is uniquely yours. Most of the standard monogram styles can be tweaked to accommodate all combinations.
Additionally, we can design a combined monogram if you and your significant other do not share the same last initial. Try us!

What is the difference between initials and a monogram?
Initials = First, Middle, Last                   Monogram = First, Last, Middle.
Traditionally (there goes that word again), women use a monogram and men use initials. The woman’s monogram is for the household, the man’s for the bar and personal hygiene items (eeew, that sounds dirty). Then there is the modern use of the combined monogram. You can do that too – her first initial, last initial, his first initial. That way, everyone gets to see their name in lights.

I love the look of this monogram that I found in an old book. Can you duplicate this?
As you can imagine, at Threadwell we love to create custom monograms and our inspiration comes from the most unique places. We would be happy to create a custom monogram and if we are lucky, it could be the newest of our monogram styles.

My company has a new logo and I’d love to have hand towels made for the powder room – can you create a custom logo? Can I do the same things on hats and sweatshirts?
Our design team is able to digitize any logo or custom artwork. Once the layout and design has been created, the design is yours to use on anything. We will be happy to help you find the best items on which to highlight your awesome logo.

There is a big birthday coming up in my family. Do you have any ideas? And where can I get cups and napkins for the party?
Lots of ideas. Too many to start here. But yes, we have some ideas for the party. Give us a call and we’ll ask you some important (and sometimes weird) questions and we’ll come up with something amazing. Cups and napkins are a piece of cake too!

What on earth am I going to give my bridesmaids? Mine is the 6th wedding of the season and I want to do something unique – and not break the bank!
Oh, we feel your pain! Sometimes it seems the joy will never end. Lots of really good options. Call us and give us some details and a budget and we’ll make some really fun recommendations. And, we’ll be sure to stick to your timeline so that you can cross this one off your list!

Any ideas for guys?
Lots of ideas about them but for them, I’d say they are the hardest to find a gift for. Unless, he loves a monogrammed golf bag, or a very cool tote to get himself to the game, or a new dopp kit to hold his “beauty tools” or even his own set of patio cups or a new bar set. Give us a call, you know the drill!

My mother planned my wedding and I want to thank her – after the fanfare has died down. What do you think?
How about a linen handkerchief with her monogram? Pretty sure those will be tears of joy at the wedding. Or a sweet little decorative pillow that spreads the word that she is the best of the best. Or how about a beach bag and towel so that she can kick back and relax – even if all she can swing is an afternoon in the backyard.

Is it too soon to start ordering for the holidays?
Never. Start now. It makes us happy and you can enjoy Thanksgiving for the first year in how many? If you can’t wrap your head around starting now, please have all monogramming orders in to Threadwell by December 15. After the 15th, rush fees will apply. Santa and the Elves are very busy in December (and sometimes a bit grumpy but that is for another day!).

What do I give my Mother (in-law)? She has absolutely everything.
How about our Favorite Things pillow – the names of all the grandchildren on a sweet decorative pillow. It brings a tear to even the driest eye!

My dad has this really funny way he signs his name when he writes to my kids. Do you think it would be weird to put that on an apron for him? The kids just love it!
Oh, what a good idea. Can I use that one?

I am the chair person for a fundraiser – would you be interested in donating an item for our silent auction?
Oh boy, you have been working hard. We love to support as many organizations as possible. Please send a letter or drop off a note and we’ll do what we can to help you make your auction a success.

This store reminds me of a store where I used to shop. Why is it so familiar?
Funny you asked. It sure is familiar. You may remember Molly from BE Monograms in Chestnut Hill. After a 2 year hiatus, Molly conspired to reopen as Threadwell. It is the same, just different.

I don’t have a middle name. Anything you can do so that I can have my monogram on my things?
Me either! Short of getting married (hopefully not just for the new letter), two letter monograms are fun to design. Most of our classic monograms can be amended to suit. We also have a wonderful library of two letter ciphers (ci•pher [ si•fər ] written code in which the letters of a text are combined or rearranged with others according to a system) that make the most amazing designs on just about anything.

My initials always make my monogram spell “FAT” and I hate that. What can I do?
Oh boy, who was thinking about monograms when they named you? Usually that is the first thing a new parent should think about, right? Maybe you can’t change your letters but we can help you select the right monogram for the job because while it may look like FAT, you are not! And on that note (hhmmn), if the monogram you select does not look right with your letters (if you are not FAT, that is) we’ll let you know. Sometimes we make an executive decision and select a new style for you but most times, we consult with you first.

Do you have everything monogrammed in your house? Which monogram is your favorite?
Barely. Don’t you know that the cobbler’s children have no shoes! I get to enjoy monograms all day and make it so that you have everything in your house monogrammed. And I could never pick a favorite – it’s like picking your favorite toe or your favorite cheese or god forbid your favorite child. They are all my favorites!

I have to have something for a shower on Saturday – HELP!
We are here to help. And nothing says I love (insert baby, bride name here) than a personalized gift. And as all items purchased from the store include a monogram, the gift can always be brought back to the store after the event to be monogrammed. We’ll help you figure it out and you go figure out what you are going to wear.

Do you ship?
We do ship anywhere in the United States for a fee of $15 for up to 3 items. Additional items or heavier items or international addresses will incur additional charges. Of course all items are wrapped and packed with pretty tissue and ribbon.

Can I send my things to you and have you ship them back?
Oh yes! Give us a call and we’ll make a plan. Or print out this handy, dandy form and go from there! BYO Order Form

Any chance you are hiring?
Sometimes. And if you know how to monogram, have excellent computer skills, have been or plan to be one of Santa’s elves, or just love the thought of monograms all day, every day, let us know. You never know what may happen!

I was in the store the other day and I can’t stop thinking of the paint color on the walls. Do you share?
Why not? Martha Stewart for Home Depot Wrought Iron with 2 coats of polyurethane on top. And no, I can’t come over and paint your den. Nice try!

I have a very cool, greenish blue in my wallpaper and I want shams with a matching monogram. Is this at all possible?
Of course! Bring in paint chips, a sample of the wallpaper, 2 icy cold beers and we’ll design something that will make you smile!

Are you my mother?
Funny you asked. No. But I’ve been told that we all become our mothers as we grow up. How lucky are we?!