How Can Customized Tote Bags Benefit Your Business

Everyone loves a good tote bag, but did you know that they are a fantastic marketing tool for businesses? Perhaps you’ve been given a free tote by a company in the past and not thought much of it. What you didn’t realize is that these simple bags can have a big effect on the businesses they advertise. Curious about how the humble customized tote bag can benefit your business? Read on to find out more.

Personalized tote bags

A Customer Carrying Your Tote Advertises Your Business
Whether it's posters, billboards, social media ads, or leaflets, advertising is all about exposing potential customers to your brand, with these particular methods focusing on visual exposure. Although these tried-and-true marketing methods are undoubtedly effective, they can also be costly. Custom tote bags that bear your company's name and logo also visually increase brand exposure; the people carrying your monogram totes are essentially walking advertisements for your company.

Not only is this method extremely cost-effective, but it is also much more trustworthy than many other forms of advertising. This is because when a potential customer sees someone carrying your personalized tote bags, they assume that the person has used your product or service and was happy enough with it to continue using the bag. In that way, it acts almost as a personal recommendation or review. Unlike other promotional materials, such as pens, tote bags are seen by the user of the bag and those they come across while using it. Because it is such an important piece of advertising, you must ensure that your custom tote bags are well-designed, eye-catching, and produced to a high standard.

Personalized Totes Help Develop Brand Recognition
Familiarity with a brand is one of the key factors that encourage people to use their products or services. One of the ways people become familiar with a brand is by seeing their logo and imaging frequently. In marketing terms, this familiarity is known as brand recognition. For instance, when you see the Nike ‘swoop’ or the yellow ‘M’ of the McDonald’s restaurants, you instantly know what the brand is without seeing the name. Brand recognition gives the public the impression that your company is successful, and therefore a company they can trust.

Brand recognition is a key element of success, and many companies funnel huge amounts of money into marketing campaigns with the aim of making potential customers recognize them easily. Your custom tote bags, with their distinctive monogrammed design, are an inexpensive way of boosting brand recognition as they are used and spotted at the grocery store, in the gym, and anywhere else your customers carry them.

Custom Tote Bags

Going Green is a Big Hit With the Public
Today’s average consumer is aware of and concerned about the impact plastic waste has on the environment. Many of them are looking for small yet significant ways they can make a difference. Replacing one-use bags with reusable totes is one of the best ways everyone can do their part. By providing your customers with totes, you contribute to a more eco-friendly lifestyle and increase your brand’s green reputation.

In addition to positively impacting the environment, when potential customers see your personalized tote bags, it will leave them with a good impression of your company and its ethics. People like to give their money to companies they trust or have an affinity with, and this is one way your brand can make a good impression.

Custom Totes Can Be an Extra Source of Revenue
Monogram totes can be a great free promotional gift for your customers; they are inexpensive to produce but are the kind of useful item that people appreciate being given. However, they can also be used as an extra source of revenue for your company.

If your bags are good quality and, most importantly, have a stylish design, they will become a desirable item, and your customers will be only too happy to pay for one. You can keep this revenue stream active by renewing the design from time to time, such as with the seasons. You could even produce a set of totes, encouraging people to collect them all. Viewing your custom tote bags as a source of income as well as free advertising gives you a higher return on investment because they serve a dual purpose. And if the bags are popular enough, they could make a decent profit.

Totes Help Businesses Collaborate
Building a relationship with other businesses, particularly those in your sector, can help secure your company’s longevity. Producing personalized tote bags can be viewed as an opportunity to collaborate with other local businesses.

One way to do this is to work with a local designer for your logo; the bags can work as advertising for both of your businesses. Alternatively, you could band together with a couple of other businesses and produce a bag that features the logos of all your companies. This brings down the production cost of the bags and widens your audience reach to introduce other customers to your brand.

Stylish Tote Bags Are Highly Desirable
Tote bags are not only a useful and sustainable way to carry your groceries, but they are a popular fashion accessory loved by men and women alike and used by people from all generations. This means that, as long as your totes are stylish, people will want them. One way you can harness this love of tote bags and make it translate into revenue for your business is to offer the bags a free gift with purchases over a certain amount or for subscribing to your service.

This is a strategy that The New Yorker Magazine and many other businesses have used to great success. The New Yorker gave away their chic totes to new subscribers. People carried their cute new bags and posted them on social media as if they were the latest designer bag. The New Yorker totes became so desirable that sales of the magazine’s subscription boomed. Nothing is stopping your company from producing your own highly desirable tote bag in your local area. With the help of a quality monogram shop and a low financial output, you could reap significant benefits.

Monogram totes

Desirable and Recognizable Totes
Producing custom tote bags for your business requires a small investment on your part but comes with significant benefits, from boosting your brand recognition to providing a whole new revenue stream; the possibilities are endless.

However you choose to use your custom totes, the best way to make them work for you and your customers is to ensure they have a distinctive design and are made well. You could even go one step further by switching the typical rectangular tote for a more unusual format. The bottom line is that your totes should be desirable and recognizable.