Top 3 Reasons Why Embroidered Handkerchiefs Make the Perfect Gift

In the early 1900s, handkerchiefs provided a quick and easy way to freshen up and also doubled as a fashion accessory. But when Kleenex broke onto the scene in 1924, tissues became a more convenient disposable option. As handkerchiefs slowly lost popularity, single-use tissues became commonplace.

Although handkerchiefs are still around today, they’re no longer the standard choice for wiping your nose, mouth, or face. 170.79 million Americans used Kleenex in 2020, resulting in unnecessary excess waste. As the world pushes to go green, why not give your loved ones a custom monogram handkerchief? Besides the stunning embroidery colors, there are three main reasons why this is the perfect gift idea.

Embroidered Handkerchiefs are Thoughtful
Handkerchiefs used to be a standard coming-of-age gift for a man from their male relatives. Men used to wear them in suit pockets, and a monogrammed handkerchief, either with the man’s initials or their family crest, would symbolize wealth and status.

Though men generally don’t wear pocket squares in their suit breast pocket anymore, giving a set of monogrammed handkerchiefs can be a unique, thoughtful gift to commemorate a significant milestone. A set of custom handkerchiefs monogrammed with the recipient’s alma mater embroidered in the corner is a wonderful gift for a recent graduate.

Handkerchiefs are also thoughtful, personalized gifts for a wedding, either as wedding favors for guests or as a bridesmaids gift. When the tears start flowing during the wedding vows, a handkerchief monogrammed with the happy couple’s initials is a thoughtful favor to help guests dry their eyes.

Handkerchiefs are Eco-Friendly
Handkerchiefs may seem like an old-fashioned accessory, but they are making a comeback as a sustainable alternative to disposable napkins and tissues. With concerns about climate change and human carbon emissions on the rise, governments and people on an individual level seek solutions for reducing their environmental impact.

In 2020, 8.27 million Americans used eight or more tissue boxes each. When measuring a handkerchief against single-use disposable products, it’s the more eco-friendly option in all categories. This includes the water footprint and energy used to make them and the amount of resulting waste.

Switching just one box of tissues to cotton handkerchiefs, each individual can save roughly 385,000 trees from being cut down. The environmental impact of using a handkerchief instead of tissues for just three weeks is approximately equivalent to saving 6 gallons of water, 2 oz. of waste, and 4 fl. oz. of petroleum oil (from the manufacturing process).

However, the sustainability of your handkerchief also depends on the material you choose for this practical accessory. Most handkerchiefs are made of cotton because it’s an absorbent material that’s ideal for blowing your nose or wiping moisture off your face. Cotton is an all-natural fiber which means it’s completely biodegradable, so it won’t pile up in landfill sites over time.

Look for handkerchiefs made from organic cotton, which is more eco-friendly than non-organic because it doesn’t require the use of environmentally destructive pesticides. Linen is another sustainable fabric option that is entirely natural and preferable to man-made materials like polyester or nylon.

When searching for the perfect gift for friends or family, a high-quality handkerchief is a great choice. It’s simple, and you can make it more personal by adding an embroidery monogram. Placing the recipient's initials or family crest on the hanky customizes it, so they’re more motivated to use it.

Handkerchiefs are Practical
Handkerchiefs aren’t just used to blow your nose; they have numerous practical uses, making them an excellent gift option for pragmatic people. Giftees can keep a handkerchief in their wallet or purse and use it to clean their glasses or smartphone screen. Soft handkerchief material is ideal for cleaning sensitive surfaces without leaving scratches.

In the current climate, people are more germ-conscious, and a handkerchief allows you to handle objects and touch surfaces without transferring germs to your hands. If you need to use a public restroom, you can use your handkerchief to dry your hands so you can avoid touching paper towel dispensers and mechanical hand-dryers.

Handkerchiefs can also be used to cool down on a hot day. Perspiration can cause rashes and breakouts. A handkerchief can be used to wipe away sweat, keeping you cool and dry when the temperature soars. You can add a couple of drops of essential oils to the handkerchief, which can help disguise body odor and keep you smelling fresh.

Monogramming a handkerchief ensures that the gift recipient never mixes up their handkerchiefs with someone else’s. You could even give a set of seven handkerchiefs monogrammed with the days of the week so that your giftee can have a fresh hanky every day.

Embellish Your Handkerchief with a Custom Monogram
Whether you’re considering monogram gifts as wedding favors or a token of affection over the holidays, adding a personal touch to a handkerchief is a cost-effective and thoughtful choice.

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