Top Embroidery Gift Ideas From Threadwell

Did you know that the first monograms showed up with the Ancient Greeks? For thousands of years, people have loved to stamp important and useful objects with the beauty of their own initials.

Tap into that ancient desire with one of these fantastic embroidery gifts. We have fantastic and luxurious items that become all the more special when you add that touch of personalization. Take a look at them!

For the High School Grad: Zip Top Pouch

As the high school grad in your life prepares to go off to college, they're probably feeling excited and overwhelmed. Bring a little order and organization into their life with a zip-top pouch for holding important supplies, toiletries, or anything else one could use a little bag for. 

You can celebrate the achievement of getting into a college by choosing one of our collegiate designs or simply give them something personalized and sophisticated with their name or monogram.

For the Beach Goer: Canvas Carry All

Summer is coming up so the best gift for a birthday, Mother's Day, or even Easter is the perfect beach tote. When you gift a tote bag make sure that it's durable, stylish, and large enough to hold everything a person could need at the beach. 

You can make a simple beach tote gift even more special by ordering a custom tote bag from us. Include a name, monogram, colored stripes, and even custom artwork for a personalized touch.

For the Man on the Go: Dopp Kit Waxed Canvas

This waxed and plastic-lined Dopp kit is perfect for any man on the go. It perfectly fits all the essential toiletries while being durable enough to withstand all the possible pitfalls of a hotel bathroom.

Make it even more professional with a sophisticated monogram, and get it in one of four beautiful yet masculine colors.

For the Kid Just Starting School: Kids Seersucker Backpack

If you have a kid starting school this year, they'll need a backpack. Everyone remembers their first backpack as something that symbolized their move into independence. For the first time, your child will be in charge of their own belongings while they're away from you.

Get them a backpack worthy of the occasion with one of our embroidered initial bags. Our seersucker backpacks are cute enough to be for a child but durable and spacious enough to be useful.

For the Fashionista: Suede Clutch

Who said that embroidered gifts couldn't be stylish, fashionable, or trendy? While monograms are very traditional our designs couldn't be further from outdated.

All our bag and thread colors are on-trend, and the sleek design makes this a versatile option for any night out.

For the Frequent Overnighter: Canvas Overnighter Duffle

Do you know someone who is always traveling for work or for pleasure? If your loved one ends up away every weekend, it's time for them to have a bag that is reliable and attractive so that they never have to wonder what to pack in.

Our canvas overnighters have a strong, leather handle and a longer strap for shoulder carrying. It's good for quick trips from the car to the hotel and for lugging around a city on a busy day. It comes with stripes in three preppy colors and your choice of design for the monogram.

For the Newlyweds: Mr. And Mrs. Pillows

There's nothing newlyweds love more than reveling in their new relationship status with every opportunity. Help them celebrate their everlasting love with customized Mr. and Mrs. pillows for their new marriage bed.

These 100% linen pillows are luxurious, understated, and cozy. The color of the thread can be customized to match their bedding, and you have the choice between a simple "Mr. and Mrs." or pillows with their very own initials!

For the One Who Likes to Be Pampered: Waffle Robe

What is the best personalized gift for your loved one who loves a spa day? The person who loves spending time on their skin routine? 

Their very own waffle robe of course! This beautiful cotton robe will remind them of their last pampered trip to the spa, but it has a personalized touch. What is more luxurious and pampering than a robe with your own initials on it? You can even include a special date or message underneath the monogram for even more meaning behind the gift.

For the One Who Loves Cozy Nights: Herringbone Throw Blanket

We all know someone who loves nothing more than curling up on the couch with a cup of tea and a good book. While that person may already have a blanket, we guarantee they don't have one as cozy or customized as our herringbone throw blanket.

Not only can you monogram the corner of this blanket for a perfect gift, but it also is made of super soft cotton and acrylic. With twenty one color options, you're sure to be able to make your loved one's new favorite blanket.

For the Frequent Host: Linen Cocktail Napkins

What do you give to the person who is always thinking of others? If you know someone who is always hosting the most amazing events for everyone else, they're sure to appreciate personalized linen cocktail napkins.

You can customize them to include the monogram of the frequent host and their family, or you can choose to customize each one to reflect the usual attendees of the events.

For the Newborn: Animal Luvie

Even babies deserve a monogrammed gift. Gift a baby their very first lovey and include their initials embroidered on the corner. It's a gift that both mom and baby will cherish as they grow.

There are five adorable animals to choose from in super soft, plush material.

Embroidery Gifts They'll Love

If you're looking for something personal and thoughtful to give a loved one, you can't go wrong with personalized embroidery gifts. All the gifts in this article scream usefulness and thoughtfulness, and your loved ones are sure to keep them around forever.

Want to see more fantastic customizable gifts for every person and every occasion? Check out our full collection of gifts for more!