What is a Good Personalized Graduation Gift

Finally, college is over. After countless years of studying without leaving the library, that child or friend of yours deserves a good personalized graduation gift, and rest assured that you will find it here.

Graduation is a really important goal for a person who has been committed to studying for years, with passion and dedication. Friends and relatives of the graduate share their joy on the day of celebration of this event: when the best friend, son, or daughter graduates, all the people who love them organize celebrations. Also, they choose important gifts to congratulate themselves and to remember the highlights of the road to success.

But how to choose a good gift for graduation? The gift for such an important occasion should be the symbol of a moment filled with an incredible sense of achievement and self-realization, of which to always carry the memory. Regardless of the graduate's gender, the most meaningful gift idea is surely a personalized item. Never mind other kinds of gifts that might be appropriate elsewhere, or that say nothing about the moment associated with it. The perfect graduation gift is a personalized item, but even then we have tons of options to choose from. Read on and discover 11 great personalized graduation gift ideas.

1. Backpack

This is a gift any college graduate will appreciate because of its practicality. Maybe everyday work-life after college calls for something a bit more serious, such as a suitcase or a tote bag; however, the backpack will have its opportunity to shine when it comes to situations like a night out on short notice, a road trip, or a day hike.

2. Waffle robe

There are few things that call for luxury and relaxation like wearing a monogrammed  waffle robe. Picture that person taking a nice day off, entirely focused on self-care, good music, and a fine bottle of wine... of course, wearing a personalized robe. Your college graduate will thank you for how nice it feels!

3. T-shirt

A basic clothing option and a pretty straightforward item to remember a special date. This could be a surefire gift when you're not sure about what to give (but the person receiving it doesn't have to know it, wink wink). Jokes aside, a T-shirt is one of those items that will remain for a long time with whoever receives it, and the fact that it's personalized with a nice monogram, either embroidered or in vinyl, makes the T-shirt even more attractive.

4. Baseball cap

The   baseball cap is a perfect item for those long summer days outside, a quick solution to hide bad hair during a grocery trip, or the perfect outfit piece for that night out at a sports game. It's a nice gift that will last very long with the person receiving it, even more so when it is personalized.

5. Tote bags

There's something amazing about tote bags. Tote bags are incredibly fashionable in many situations and they are really practical-- you can carry your essentials, your files, even a laptop in some. With tons of options to choose from when it comes to design, they are the perfect compromise between a fashion statement and an accessory for business attire. Check our personalized totes collection  here.

6. Set of shatterproof cups or a glass set

These are the kind of household items you can't get too much of. Either glasses or  shatterproof cups, they are great durable items to remember an important occasion and used during special times. And what better than giving a friend or family member a set with their own monogram? These can even become a conversation piece during parties!

7. Picture frame

In an era practically dominated by digital formats, don't think for a second that keeping some memories close to your heart (and in your nightstand) has gone out of fashion. A personalized picture frame is a perfect gift to keep that graduation day picture where you and your friends looked best, to keep a copy of the diploma or the certificate, a family picture, your special other, a pet... Take a look at our magnetic picture frames.

8. Planner

Getting out of such an important (and for some people, rather chaotic) stage of life calls for new ways to keep everything organized and running smoothly. A planner comes incredibly handy for it: handwriting your tasks, commitments, and feelings has something special that digital planning options can't give. Plus, the feel of professionalism a personalized planner can provide to oneself and others is invaluable.

9. Tumbler

This is one of those gifts you're sure the person will carry with them at all times, later thanking you for it. Whether they decide to keep water in it during office hours to stay hydrated or that they pour their favorite drink or mix during a party for comfort and safety, a tumbler is a great choice. Take a look at our wine tumblers!

10. Keychain

A keychain is a very small. a discreet, yet important souvenir that the person receiving it will carry with them at all times. If you are thinking of buying a college graduation gift in bulk (for an entire class, for instance), this might be one of your top choices (with the T-shirts coming to a close second, that is). Check our personalized keychains  here.

11. Jacket or a sweater

There's nothing nicer during a cold day, a night out, or all and winter seasons than having the comfort of a warm sweater or jacket. And it becomes even better when your jacket or sweater represents you with a beautiful monogram. Plus, it is surely a piece that can go a long way with its owner.

BONUS: Custom items

Do you have an idea for a great personalized gift that's not on this list? We got you covered! Remember to check our website for items that can and can't be personalized (and how we can do the best job for your graduation gift needs). If you are not sure after checking, feel free to contact us with your request and we'll ve happy to advise! Also, check our collections catalog here! Either vinyl or embroidery, we're happy to seal your special moments through a personalized gift.