Where to Get the Best Embroidered Backpacks

Are you looking for something fun and fresh this coming school year? With the same old designs doing the rounds again and again, finding a bag or backpack for school that you enjoy using can be tough!

What if we told you that you could design your backpack, making it unique to you? You'll never have to worry about losing it again amongst a sea of boring bags.

At Threadwell, we're experts when it comes to beautiful designs, intricately embroidered backpacks and bags, and personalization. Bring in your own design, embroider your initials on any one of our products, or browse our selection! We'll leave you with a sense of creativity and fun.

Are you a school or college student starting a new year? Do you want a personalized backpack but you're not sure where to find the best one? Read through this backpack shopping guide for all the details!

Embroidered Backpacks With Threadwell Are Superior

Having an embroidered or personalized bag for school or college can come with big benefits. Here are the biggest positives to personalized bags:

Lots of Designs

Perhaps the most obvious benefit to having a personalized bag... the design possibilities are almost endless!

We can monogram just about anything as long as it's the right material - usually, fabric. Aside from embroidering, we also use heat vinyl printing - with 19 color options to choose from!

With hundreds of fonts and typestyles to choose from, each design we create is unique.

When it comes to monogramming, there are rules. Classic styles see your first, last, and middle initials.

So, if your initials were A B C, the C - your last name - would be in the middle and would be larger. You can also use initials - this goes first, middle, last, so your initials would look like A B C.

Traditionally, women used monograms and men used initials. However, we're never afraid to throw the rulebook out the window to accommodate your design dreams.

Classic, Old-School Charm with a Contemporary Look

There's something very classic and classy about having clothing or items monogrammed. If you're a fan of old-school style, this is a great way to bring a bit of old into the now.

The history of monogramming is an interesting one. It wasn't only popular in the 30s - monogramming has roots that go all the way back to ancient Greek and Roman times!

Each of our products is modern and high-quality, and we love blending old and new!


Your initials are yours - that means your embroidered college backpack is unique to you. Whether you bring your own bag for us to monogram or you choose one of our stylish bags or totes, your chosen combination of colors and initials will be one-of-a-kind!

Not only is this a cool rite of passage, but it's also useful in busy classrooms and lecture halls to make so you never lose your bag.

Long Lifetime with Threadwell

We know we're going to have to stitch, embroider or heat print on our products - so we don't ever compromise on quality. Every one of our products is high-quality, letting you enjoy your beautifully monogrammed accessories for a long time.

Any Occasion

Your backpack doesn't just have to go to school and college with you, you know. Make the most of your new bag by using it every day!

And if you're off on your travels and wish you could take your custom bag with you... well, we've got overnight bags for that!

How to Order a Personalised Bag or Backpack

Want to come and pay us a visit? We're located in Philadelphia, 8432 Germantown Avenue, PA 19118.

Customers come into the store for all sorts of reasons. Stop by to order products, learn about monogramming from our experts, browse our range or listen to our latest offers.

Shopping Online

If you don't live in Philadelphia but one of our products has caught your eye, you can browse our entire collection on our website. Just choose a product, fill out all of the relevant information, and you're done!

Each of our products is made with love and shipped with care, complete with soft packaging and wrapping to keep it safe in transit.

Make a Custom Order

We love custom orders, and we welcome you to come to us with any questions or queries you might have - even if it's something we don't have listed on our website! Whatever we can do to make your dream a reality, as long as it's within our time limit and ability, we will.

Sometimes, we get special requests. Do you have a picture of a loved one's handwriting you want to immortalize? Is there a specific font or typestyle you've seen in a book that you absolutely love?

Bring it in or show it to us and we'll do everything we can to bring it to life. It might be the perfect present you're looking for or even just a gift to yourself to remember times and people you'd like to stay with you forever.

If you've got something extra special you'd like embroidering or printing on, you're looking for that perfect gift for the person who has everything or you're planning an event and you need to think outside of the box, just give us a call.

Can You Monogram Something I Haven't Purchased at Threadwell?

Yes! We strongly encourage you to bring your own items (except leather) for us to personalize for you. Stop by and drop it off, or ship it to us and we'll send it back when it's ready.

Just fill out the BYO order form and read through the shipping terms.

Add a Touch of Class With Embroidery

Whether you're buying backpacks, embroidering handkerchiefs for a loved one, or creating wedding favors, monogramming adds a level of creativity and uniqueness to anything.

So, don't forget: if you're looking for the best embroidered backpacks this side of America, head down to our store in Philadelphia or place an order with us online. If you're still undecided about which back-to-school item you'd like, browse our Wellschooled collection now!