Why You Should Consider Custom Wedding Tote Bags as a Wedding Favor

Custom tote bags

One of the elements of planning a wedding includes deciding what to give members of your wedding party as a favor being a part of your big day. The ideal wedding party favor is practical, durable, and reminds your loved ones of the special celebration each time they use it. Custom tote bags are the perfect choice for commemorating the occasion. 

Tote bags are functional and affordable, so they’re a practical option even with a small wedding budget. They are also meaningful, environmentally friendly, and long-lasting. With a personally designed tote bag, you can remind your bridal party of the happy day for years to come. If you are searching for the perfect gift for those who stuck by you through the wedding planning process, consider custom tote bags as a unique wedding favor. 

Why Custom Tote Bags?

Tote bags are the quintessential gift that keeps on giving. These are the top five reasons why a custom tote is the perfect gift idea for your wedding party. 

  • It’s Practical

A tote bag is a gift with a practical application, so you can guarantee it won’t end up forgotten. Rather than a candle or picture that your wedding party can’t do much with, a tote bag is an item they can use every day. 

With a 7” by 10” monogram bag, your friends and family can carry and store small items, like pencils, cards, scissors, or makeup. If you opt for a French market tote, you provide your party with an environmentally friendly way to shop for produce. Large to medium-sized totes are great for carrying books, snacks, or clothes, highlighting just how useful they are. 

  • They Make a Memorable Bridesmaid Proposal 

Monogram totes are also an excellent option for the gift you give your favorite ladies when asking them to stand beside you on the big day. As part of your bridesmaid proposal gift, you can create a gorgeous monogram bag that has each girl’s name on it, or you could even do a fun monogram reading “Bride Tribe” or “I Do Crew.” These monogram bags will certainly come in handy when you’re all heading to dress fittings, preparing invitations together, or having a sleepover the night before the wedding. 

  • An Eco-Friendly Choice

One of the biggest benefits of giving monogram gifts like a tote bag to your wedding party is that tote bags are environmentally friendly. Tote bags are made of ecologically conscious materials like canvas, cotton, and leather. More importantly, totes provide a lasting alternative to the disposable plastic bags that harm wildlife and contribute to pollution. Tote bags are reusable and infinitely more stylish, so it’s a win for everyone.  

  •  Long-Lasting Memories 

Good quality tote bags can last for decades. They are made of durable material and are expertly sewn to carry beach towels, school books, food, and toys for years to come. A sturdy tote made from strong canvas or burlap will continue to serve its purpose even with wear and tear. What a treat to be able to visit your friend or family member 20 years after your wedding and see they are still using the monogram tote you gave them at the celebration!

  •  It’s a Meaningful Thank-You

On top of being durable, helpful to the environment, and practical, a custom tote bag is a meaningful gift that’s perfect for thanking the wedding party for all their hard work. Monograms are a beautiful way to illustrate the joining of two people together in marriage. They represent love, togetherness, and the combining of two separate entities to make a new whole. With Threadwell’s totes, you can choose between classic embroidery or a fun, modern vinyl pressed monogram. Select the style that best fits the theme of your wedding and reception decor. A monogram tote with the date of the wedding is a thoughtful gift that will inspire and warm the hearts of your nearest and dearest. 

Monogram gifts

Design Elements to Consider

There are a few fun elements to consider when choosing a tote bag for your wedding party. To select the perfect bag for those special to you, look at the following design elements and think about what is ideal for your wedding favor. 

  • Material

When choosing the tote bag for your loved ones, think about the material you’d like the bag to be made of. The Advantage Tote has leather handles and is made of canvas material, making it great for carrying heavy objects like wine bottles. The Seersucker makeup bags are perfect for holding powder and liquid cosmetics, and the French Market Mini Tote is made of woven cotton that is soft for the gentle handling of fruit and cheese. 

  • Style

Style matters when choosing a monogram tote bag. Do you want your wedding party to receive a large boat tote or a cross-body tote? If you choose an oversized tote, do you want one with pockets and straps, stripes, or solid-colored? There are so many styles to choose from when it comes to the actual bag. Also, consider the style of the monogram itself. The Avery Tote features initials inside a circle, while the Rain Tote features bold letters or numbers laying vertically on the bag. The Little Sister tote matches a set of lines on the bag to the color of the monogram on the front, giving you another great stylization option. 

  • Color

Many people think that canvas tote bags are plain white or cream-colored; however, there are plenty more color options to consider. Many tote designs on Threadwell’s online selection feature colored stripes or are made of solid color material. Match your custom tote to your wedding colors, or choose an accent stripe that complements your wedding design scheme. This will tie the bag in with your wedding decor, in addition to your monogram choices. 

  • Use

When choosing the perfect wedding favor tote, think about what you want everyone to use it for. A small makeup tote is perfect as a bridal party gift and gives your girls a cute place to store their makeup. A Canvas Overnighter Duffle is helpful for weekend trips or trekking clothes back and forth from the office to the gym and home again. The Seersucker stackable set is great for carrying items like toothbrushes and toothpaste, lotions, or even medication when traveling and features a cute striped pattern. The Denim Canvas Tote resembles a purse and is excellent for everyday use, and the Advantage Tote is large and in charge, ready to hold heavy food items for potluck dinners and holidays. 

Monogram totes

Where to Get Your Tote Bags
Ordering your tote bags is easy with Threadwell’s online system. We specialize in high-quality tote bags with embroidered monograms. Our fantastic selection of styles, colors, and design options offer you lots of choices from which to choose the perfect tote for your wedding. Simply head online and choose your style. Then, customize your color and text. Voilà, your custom tote bag is complete and on its way.