5 Reasons Why Embroidered Tote Bags Are The Best Fashion Accessories

The tote bag market is estimated to be worth $334.5 million. But, how did this simple little bag become a staple in the marketing world and one of the best fashion accessories?

Many designers and people are making their styles stand out from the crowd with embroidered tote bags because of their eye-catching detail. They can upgrade your outfit instantly.

From sunflowers to sentimental phrases there are many benefits of canvas tote bags with embroidery details. So, if you're looking for ways to become part of this tote bags fashion trend then you've come to the right place. 

Take a look at the five reasons why embroidered tote bags are the best choice for your fashion wardrobe this year...

Five Reasons Embroidered Tote Bags Are the Best

Out of the 41 handbag trends hitting the headlines this year, there is only one choice for durability and affordability. Unlike other options that might look nice, embroidered tote bags are essential and here's why:

1. Versatile 

Living in the modern world means that life is busy with the constant buzz of phone notifications and emails popping up in your inbox. That's why, when you're grabbing a cup of coffee in between meetings you need the right bag.

Ideally, you want something that can store several items like a wallet, book, water bottle, and other necessities as well as look fabulous. When it comes to embroidery designs the sky is the limit! 

If you want quality tote bags then you need to have embroidered details. This will add some color and personal touch to the bag and make it feel like your own. 

2. Customization 

Have you ever walked into a fashion store and liked an item but it didn't feel personal enough? The best thing about embroidery is it can turn something average into something extraordinary. 

It can be hard making a statement with clothes and accessories that everyone else has. It makes you blend in rather than stand out. Therefore, one of the only ways to show your personality is with embroidery. 

3. Durability 

Often people have a variety of bags for going out with friends and for going grocery shopping but in a perfect world, there would be a bag for all of your needs. 

Luckily, embroidered tote bags are extremely durable. Once you have your design and favorite color you won't need to replace it for while if you look after it properly. 

Plus, they are eco-friendly so you won't need to worry about harming the environment when you buy one. Now, if you're thinking, why tote bags are eco-friendly?

Then, here is a breakdown of their special features: 

  • Recycled materials 
  • Better work environments 
  • Durable and strong  

4. Vintage Look

Embroidery has been used throughout history to create art that speaks to personal beliefs, trauma, and most recently, marketing slogans. If you choose to buy an embroidered tote bag it will add to your vintage look.

You can pair it with a nice vintage shirt or old-school shoes and your look will be transformed!

Unless you've owned a bag like this before then you might not know the right time when to carry a tote bag. But, the good news is, you can wear it to any event big or small. 

Everyone will notice your beautiful embroidered tote bag wherever you go! 

5. Affordable 

Without a doubt, another compelling reason to choose embroidered tote bags is that they are affordable. You won't need to save for months to buy an embroidered tote bag. 

You can even recycle an old one that you have and upgrade it with embroidery. This is an easy way to make the most of an existing tote bag without costing hundreds of dollars. 

All you need to do is find the right place to get your next embroidery done. Thankfully, Treadwell has you covered. 

Why Embroidery Tote Bags Are the New Trend

Even though embroidery can be traced back to ancient China there's something about these designs that still amazes people today.

However, it can be done through various methods such as hand-sewing, patch, or simple stitch. No matter what method the outcome is still the same. 

It will add wonderful detail to your tote bag.

Therefore, it's no surprise that embroidery is making a comeback in society. This old craft is going through a re-birth as it allows people to tell a story with their clothes and accessories. 

Think of it like this, it's slowing down the fast-paced nature of the fashion industry and adding some depth back into design. Doing so, it's changing how we view tote bags and making us appreciate their quality. 

Although people are embracing technology, it's important to hold onto these practices that remind us of the past and keep us connected to our ancestry.

Embroidered tote bags are a small piece of history that we can wear every day. Sounds cool, right? 

But, picking the right designer is vital.

Where to Get Embroidered Tote Bags

Where you buy your embroidered tote bag is important as you want a product that is both functional and attractive. So, when you're walking down the street people want to have the same bag as you! 

Treadwell has a gorgeous collection for all your shopping and leisure needs. You can find a selection of casual tote bags to luxurious styles that are great for taking to work or on a business trip. 

All of these bags are made from the highest quality materials and are guaranteed to last for years to come.

A Spectacular Bag for All Occasions

After your purchase your first tote bag you'll end up with a collection of embroidered tote bags in no time. They give you the storage space for everyday use and will look lovely with any outfit. 

The only place to get your new tote bag is Treadwell for quality and style. Take a few minutes to browse the range today and treat yourself to a present...

For more information or if you have any other general inquiries about shipping then reach out today.

In the meantime, enjoy wearing your embroidered tote bag! 

You won't regret it.